Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Skier of the Week - DU Invitational

Morgan finishing the Classic Race.
Photo Credit David James
This week's Skier of the Week has been a long time coming.

Morgan came to us as a transfer student from Lander where she helped coach the High School team and did amazing things in Archeology. She almost didn't ski but a well timed contact from Trevor got convinced her and she's been solid every since. In the first workouts in the fall of her first year she could barely keep up and often had to walk. This didn't sit well with Morgan and she worked hard to improve her fitness and by the time she was on skis she was able to race reasonably. I remember the first time I thought she was really going to accomplish something with skiing was in the sprint race at Nationals last year when I gave her a split and she growled in response and put on a burst. It's been all improvement from there.

She did a much better job of training this summer and came back this fall in a completely different place from last fall. Ready to hit the ground running and take a leadership role on the team.

This winter she started towards the back of the women's team with a couple of slower races but she has gradually climbed up the rankings until her points now rank her 3rd on the team and she has placed in the top 10 for the last two races. We think she will continue to move up the conference rankings and will have great finishes at Nationals.

Not only has she improved every week this season she has improved a truly incredible amount from last season! Her overall points this season are already well below her points from last year and there are many races to come. Her meteoric rise is almost impossible to believe.

Not only has Morgan shown incredible improvement in her skiing but she is the UW Nordic Treasurer, is our representative on the Club Sports Council and is a true leader in the classroom. She is an incredible scholar who excels in the classroom, in research and as an example to the younger athletes.

We are truly excited to see where she goes in the next few weeks and at Lake Placid Nationals and after her graduation in the spring. We secretly hope we can get her into a graduate program so she can ski another year!

Morgan, you ROCK OUR WORLD!!!!

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