Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Skier of the Week! Alley Loop/Western State Colorado University Invitational/University of New Mexico Invitational

Trevor and Mason chasing the leader in the 21km

It was a beautiful weekend in Crested Butte. So little snow for the area but more snow than we've seen for quite awhile! The snow situation in Colorado and New Mexico is so bad that the University of New Mexico had to move their home invitational to join us in Crested Butte. The first joint NCAA Division I AND USCSA Qualifer! It made for an exciting weekend!

As is the case every weekend several people could have been named Skier of the Week. Maddy, Rylie, Kat, Ben & Michaela who all finished their first 21km with flying colors. Ella who crushed the USCSA field and placed 19th in the Division I field. Mason who has started feeling a tad more healthy and won the 5km Classic USCSA race by just 2 seconds.

All these were great performances but we are going to focus on Trevor, his fantastic race and his journey to get there.

For the past two summers Trevor has done all he can do to become a better skier. Last summer he had to return to Casper for a job but still traveled to Laramie to train with the team as much as possible. His trips with the team were magical as we finished long bike rides, 5 hour runs and adventures all over Colorado! While this was amazing and fun he wasn't around all the tie and he spent much of his time training on his own with dedication and determination.

While he has had a stellar season, the best yet, he had yet to have that amazing breakthrough race. He need wait no longer, this was the race!

He told us after the race that though he often thinks he can win a race he didn't think about this one. He just wanted to get in the race and see how it went and it went well! He started at a good pace, not too fast but fast enough to keep him in the race. He relaxed and skied and watched as skier after skier fell to his raging pace. After one lap he had caught the entire USCSA field except for one person and he was doing damage to the Division I field. In the last 5km he caught the last USCSA skier to take the lead. He didn't stop there but kept pushing to see how close he could get to the Division I leaders. He won the USCSA race by 20 seconds

It was a brilliant race that showed in a wide variety of ways as he had his very first win in USCSA, best place in the Division I race (only 9% back!), and had his career best points in a skate race! Everything he has worked so hard for was achieved!

The 5km classic was on Sunday and Trevor was back in action. While it didn't go as well as the day before he still had a stellar race with his best classic points of this season placing 4th in USCSA, 34th in Division I and he broke the 200 point mark for the first time this season in both races.

We know this is just the beginning of a beautiful peak and we are excited for the next two race weekends and Nationals!

Trevor you ROCK OUR WORLD!!!!

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