Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Skier of the Week: Stagecoach Classic

Leann sporting the J Diggs Socks in the Team Sprint!

The Skier of the Week for the Stagecoach Classic is having an amazing year! Not only is she starting to ski like a God but she is also doing an incredible job of leading the team.

She started her college career as the only freshman girl. She liked that role, being the young one, the baby. She reveled in having the older skiers watch out for her, help her, inspire her. She followed them and learned and through it all kept smiling.

Then this season came and suddenly she is not only the only graduating woman BUT she it the Team President. And what a Team President! Her organization, planing, advocating, encouragement, and just plain positive attitude puts her among UW Nordic's best every Presidents! 

Following Sam was a tough place to be but she learned a great deal from him, kept it going and brought her own brand of leadership and inspiration.

Now is it her turn to be the leader and the mentor and she has stepped up just when we needed it most. With 6 new freshman who need nurturing, mentoring, teaching and inspiring Leann has been kept busy but has thrived under the pressure. The team is an incredible unit due in part to her tireless ability to bring a smile and excitement.

All of this leadership doesn't seem to have affected her skiing. Her season started a little slowly with some physical issues that kept her from skiing well but this last weekend she busted it out. She skied 215 points and 10 minutes faster in the race this year! We generally hope for improvements in the 10-30 point range and she shattered that! In fact we had an entire team of huge improvements from last year and she beat the improvements of the next person (who was Syd with 158 points of improvement ) by almost 60 points!

Finally, as if incredible work as a leader, organizer and skier weren't enough, Leann is leading the team in the classroom by showing the youngsters how to balance skiing, school and fun. 

She truly has become a Phenomenal Woman, Leader and Skier.

Congratulations Leann Bentley! 


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