Monday, January 08, 2018

Skier of the Week: Casper High School Races

Sydney in the Classic Race

Wait... Did you read that correctly, Casper High School Races? It turns out you did read that correctly.

This past weekend we had hoped to go to Colorado for a citizen race but the snow conditions were poor and the race was cancelled. We were left with little option for a race, which is super important to our peaking plan. We realized that Casper was having a High School Race and Casper head coaches, UW Alumn Justin and Cassidy were gracious enough to let us forerun their races.

We are on a pretty high training load and our athletes are tired so the races weren't our fastest but they were very good for training.

The races were a freestyle sprint and a 8.5km classic. We had almost our entire team racing this weekend and it was fun to get together after the long break.

While we didn't really have any meaningful results we did have some good performances and one person stood out for not only this week but for her four season races thus far.

Sydney Wiswell came to us as a freshman in a hole from overtraining in high school. Her body was crushed but her spirit was invincible! She struggled through last season and then spent a summer focused on healing and base fitness. This is the hardest training an athlete can do as it often starts with having to walk/hike to stay at the training level required.

We all thought Syd had done this well during the summer but the proof of her dedication would not come until she raced so the fall was a time of hoping and waiting.

We are excited to say that the wait is over and Syd's training this summer was perfect! In the first race she skied like we have never seen her ski. Strong, powerful and with a smile on her face. It was followed by a race in which she was tired BUT a normal tired and a solid finish. In this first race her NRL points were 75 points lower than the average of her best 4 from last season AND for 100 points better than her best skate races from last season! This is stunning considering that she will race faster as the season continues.

This weekend she stepped up even further by finishing two sprint races and then a punishing 8.5km classic race. She is getting stronger and fitter in every race. We are truly excited to see the stunning smile and the raw power on display as she heals.

We know there will be better days coming this season and Syd may well be a logical choice at a later date but we just need to get a shout out to the phenomenal job of healing and training Syd has done.

Syd is the perfect example of the power of mindful healing.


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