Monday, December 19, 2016

Skiers of the Week: Breckenridge NRL (December 17 & 18)

It’s always a little tough to choose the skiers of the week for the first race. As coaches you know and hope that this will not be the fastest the athletes will be and many of them are a little rusty having done only time trials and intervals.

Despite this early season struggle there were some good performances that are worth of Skier of the Week!

The first individual has struggled for the past few years to have a season that is not dominated by illness. In fact seeing her get two races together healthy has often been a goal. Despite this she has been one of our best skiers. This season she has a slightly smaller school schedule and the lifting of that load has been beneficial to her ski racing thus far this season.

For the first set of races Yara Thomas came out of the start like a thing possessed and just kept gaining speed as she went. She dominated the USCSA field in both the 5km skate and the 5km classic races. Not only did she dominate the USCSA field but she managed to fight her way to wins over NCAA Division I racers. There was just not much that could stop her and we hope this is an indication of what’s to come for this season!

Mason at the MSU Invitational

Mason Vincent spent the summer and fall dedicated to training and it showed in the first race of the season. In the 5km skate he worked to a solid USCSA win in front of his teammate. He also posted some very good USSA points in that race 110.76. A super great day which was only to get better!

In the 5km classic mass start Mason was at his best. Calmly working his way up through the field until he grabbed hold of the lead pack, dominated by CU, DU and UNM skiers. He held strong and finished within a minute of the win for his best USSA points EVER, breaking the 100 point barrier for only the second time in UW history with a 97.4! All this was accomplished by staying poised and not panicking and STRONG skiing. We know there is more in future races for Mason but a sub 100 point race is impressive no matter what happens!