Monday, May 11, 2015

A Note from Dick & Ev

Dear Christi,

I want to tell you a short story about one senior on this years UW Ski Team. This happened four years ago so I don’t remember all the details, in fact I am sure I have many of the details wrong but it is the main idea of the story that is important. At the Nationals in Maine, all the talk was about a girl from Nevada, who was so good that the question was not if she would win every race, but by how many minutes she would be ahead of the next skier.

At the finish of the first race, the girl expected to win came into view in first place but not far behind her was another skier who was gaining on her.  All the talk after the race was not about the Nevada girl who was leading the whole race but about Sierra, the girl from Wyoming, who caught her from behind to win the race!

The next race was an individual start race and as usual the waxing for the Eastern conditions was a nightmare.  Christi was on the course testing wax ; Rachel was in the waxing tent getting last minute instructions over the radio about which wax was working. Sierra was the last girl to start so Christi and Rachel were making last minute changes to her wax which caused her to miss her start by a lot! As you would expect, Rachel and Christi felt terrible about Sierra missing her start, in fact, they were in tears! 

    After the race, we expected to see Sierra, with good reason, to be either furious or in tears or upset about her race BUT she came back from the race with a smile on her face and said that she felt like she had a good race. At this point we realized this lady is something special. We knew she is a great athlete but more important she is an amazing person.

    The next four years has shown us over and over that Sierra really is a person of character who does her best at everything she undertakes. She has shown to be an outstanding leader who leads by example. It has been an honor to know her!

    I have just written one incident about Sierra but the rest of the UW Ski Team have their own stories. The UW skiers make us feel very, very good about what will happen to the world in the future. We love you all just the way you are.

Dick and Ev Boggs