Wednesday, July 16, 2014

At last! I had been anticipating this day for many weeks, the drive home from Laramie was long, but I had managed to make it in time for a Tuesday evening paddle. Even though I had just barely stepped foot in my house, I ran back into my car and headed for one of my favorite places on earth, Lake Superior!

A long, cold winter had left BEAUTIFUL ice burgs that managed to stay into the middle of June. Here is a picture of my dad and I paddling amongst them.

What a beaut!

Here is some more amazing water, only its the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. 

Here I am on top of an Ottoman castle. It is only accessible via boat! The Island behind me is home of the Sunken City. Over time it has sunk two meters under the sea. We were able to kayak right over it!

Here are some wild poppies growing amongst some ancient tombs.

The white bank may look like snow but it is actually a GIGANTIC calcium deposit! Yay for calcium and family photos! 

The city of Istanbul taken from under a bridge.


  1. You're amazing Britta! And we miss you so much. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thanks for posting and getting us excited about your summer!