Saturday, December 21, 2013

What the results don't show

Our careers as a coaches have been very traditionally successful. We have coached state and national champion teams and individuals. We have coached at numerous national and international events. We have have seen athletes come and go, both the winners and the beginners. While it's fun to coach the winners and great to have a winning team the thing we love most about coaching is often what the results don't show.

The World University Games is a good example of this. Our athletes are not standing on the podium in the stadium but they are certainly standing tall in our hearts.

The results don't show Willie smiling as he starts skating in the skiathlon the last part of one of the best races of his career.

The results don't show Sierra flying up the hill in the sprint nor gliding past the Italian athlete in the finishing stretch looking every bit of the world class athlete that she has become.

The results don't show the sheer joy in Taylor as he finishes the first round of the sprint relay nor the grit and determination that took him through to the finish of the 30km.

The results don't show Elise in the freestyle as she methodically takes down women with FIS points 4 times better than hers nor.

The results don't show Britta as she makes up 2 minutes to catch the Chinese racers in the relay nor her smile at the finish.

The results don't show Catherine's poise as she just skied stronger and stronger in the race to the finish nor her face when her legs are numb and she can hardly move them in the he 15km and I say I'm OK with her stopping and she says, "I'm NOT!"

The results don't show the heart and soul that Sarah puts into everything she does, both in her power on the course and her support off.

The results don't show Pat as he accelerates through the 10km, skiing better and faster at the end than the beginning nor the sheer will that gets him around the final lap of the 30km.

The results don't show Kyle's good tactics as he sits in a tuck gliding beside a skier who is skating nor his strength as he powers up the hill.

The results certainly don't show Nathan, who had bronchitis before we left, had to go to the hospital here in Italy and still managed to finish the 10km skate on nothing but desire.

The results don't show Sindre as he dedicates his summer and fall to improving and strains every muscle flying into the finish, nor his willingness to jump into the relay. 

The results don't show Sam as he fights through his newly discovered asthma to ski solid in the 10km after having to stop with an asthma attack in the skiathlon.

The results don't show Bridget, after a good day in the 5km, tough out a really rough race the opening leg of the relay, so tough that she ended up in the infirmary after the race.

The results also don't show the amazing work that goes behind the racing. Hours spent by Shanna & Anna (the Shananigans) waxing, brushing, scraping and doing it all again and again and again. Nor do they show Dick & Evelyn running all over the Dolomites looking for a specific type of klister or a wax remover.

The results only show who skied the fastest on that particular day and not the hundreds of stories,  hours of training and sheer heart that typify this team.

We have never been so proud as we are tonight, after the final race of the Games. We look forward to the rest of the season with these phenomenal young people!

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  1. Let's see... Will represented his country twice in Turkey and Italy, skied on two national championship teams, and even earned an all-American finish. That's the stuff of fairy tales. Could any of this have happened without the incredible love and dedication shown every day to every skier by Christi and Rachel? They are national treasures in my book.