Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Long time- no write!

It's been a long time since anyone has updated the blog so I'm going to do a quick overview of December and what's coming up!

Early in December we hosted the Laramie High School race and it was a huge success, see blog post below.

After that we were all hit with taking and grading finals, not good but normal!

The week of finals we had our second Wednesday Night Race, 5km classic. The UW and the LHS coaches will be running a Wednesday Night Race Series to help raise money for a new timing system, our old one is still working but is no longer being developed and we feel there is a limited time that it will continue working. If you'd like to donate to the cause email uwski@yahoo.com! The results can be found at: http://mbna.pbworks.com/Results_Classic_12_16

After that everyone went home and started doing some good training, we hope!

Last weekend Zheyna, Fitz, Kyle and Sara did the New Year's Relay in Steamboat and despite Fitz not feeling well they all did great!

We are now getting ready for the New Years Camp in Leadville. The snow isn't as good as Laramie but there is some in the forecast and the Mineral Belt Trail is really great! We're planning lots of technique, some speed and a lot of fun!

After that we'll head back to Laramie to prepare for the beginning of the semester and then for the Air Force Invitational, the first USCSA National Qualifier, at Snow Mountain Ranch and Devil's Thumb Ranch.

Good fun for all!

Monday, December 07, 2009

High School Races!

UW Nordic hosted the Laramie High School Nordic races this weekend and it was great!

We want to thank all the volunteers, UW ski team members, parents, coaches and athletes for a great time!

Results can be found at: http://www.uwyo.edu/ski/highschool/results.htm

We also took a bunch of videos so if you were racing check these out!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Thanksgiving Ski Camp

The team just got back from a darn good training camp in Granby. We left Wyoming for Granby wednesday afternoon and got there in time for a nice ski at Snow Mountain Ranch (SMR). Then we convoyed up to our digs for the rest of the week...SICK! Christi and Rachel did a great job of finding some ritzy places, hot tubs and everything. More on the hut tubs later. Thanksgiving morning we had a nice, long ski. Bluebird skies and good snow. That evening we gathered for Thanksgiving feast, and boy was it a good one. Food galore! Smoked turkeys, potatoes, yams, stuffing, green beans, pies...the list goes on and on. Needless to say we didn't have to cook any food Friday night. Friday night also was a hot tub night. The coaches took a dip in their tub prior to dinner and just after food was all taken care off starting feeling pretty goofy. Awful...unfortunately they ended their camp to come home and dominate the illness. As for the rest of us kids, we kept on trucking. Saturday we did some technique work and a few took part in a time trial. DU skiers there thought we were crazy for going down the huge icy hill, but we're from Wyoming and thats how we roll. Saturday night was a little last night of camp hoo rah with some time skiing at Sol Vista in the dark and before they were open. Not the best skiing but fun none the less. The skiing was followed by ice cream and the OC, every teenage girl's dream.
As for my self I spent the better part of November skiing without poles due to a fractured thumb. Yeah, just can't take care of myself. Good news is that its healing and I got a smaller splint that allows my thumb to fit in my gloves, so now I can finally do some real skiing
Well Happy Jack is looking stellar see you out there!

Adam K

P.S. I beat Marie in the last 5@5, she had poles and I didn't, that'll teach her to talk smack!