Monday, November 23, 2009

Hats are here!

Our team hats are in!

They can be purchased for $15 for ski team athletes and $18 for others.


So I completely dropped the ball on updating the blog on the races this week. I guess it's better to be late than never!

Wednesday was the first 5@5 of the season and it was great!

We had a great turn-out for this early in the season, 23 people! Only 21 show up on the results because our Law Student and Laramie native, lead some of our Freshmen astray and they got lost. A couple finished the race anyway but two didn't really make it back.

Other than that the field was pretty strong lead by Zhenya, Levin and John followed closely by Sarah. It wasn't a very cold night so good fun was had by all!

Classic Sprint
We had a slightly smaller turnout on Sunday for the classic sprints with 18 but it was still a great field! A few people showed up with skate gear and we let everyone race!

It was a great time with 3 full rounds of racing and some interesting finishes.

The conditions were amazing and we'd like to thank our friendly grooming crew of Luke and Randy for putting tracks in just for our little race!


You can see video of the sprint race on our YouTube Channel:

This week we're off to Snow Mountain Ranch for our annual Thanksgiving Camp. They don't currently have as much snow as we have in Laramie but with any luck they'll get some more as the week progresses.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

First race Wednesday!

Due to the amazing snow we received, which supplemented the snow we already had, we will be having our first race this Wednesday night at 5:00pm.

We have done these in the past but haven't had enough snow for the last few years. It's a 5km freestyle race in the dark and it's a great time!

It's an open/free race for anyone who wants to race but you need to pre-register by emailing

Don't forget your headlamp!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

UW Nordic In the News!

Just a quick note on recent UW Nordic Articles:

The Top Prof awards featured our own Coach, Rachel Watson for the 4th time!
UW Senior Honor Society Names Top Professors for 2009

One of the Branding Iron, school newspaper, sports editors chose UW Nordic's double national championship as his favorite sport memory. The Branding Iron’s favorite sports memories

Not bad considering we haven't even started racing this year yet!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Winter is coming, we think!

Wow! What a fantastic Volume week we had!

We knew at the beginning of the week that the massive snowfall we had wasn't going to last the season. No we wouldn't be skiing daily straight through but we also had hopes that we could do an on-snow volume camp last week. That may have sounded crazy when looking at the forecast of 60+ all week but Happy Jack is a magical place and for some unknown reason manages to hold snow amazingly well.

We started the week with a 1:30 LSD skate/technique workout on Monday. Strength & Yoga on Tuesday, 1:30LSD Classic on Wednesday, strength and Yoga again on Thursday, 1:30LSD skate on Friday and a 2:15LSD skate on Sunday!

All of this was done on groomed trails and most of our top athletes did way more skiing than that. We believe Fitz has the record for the week with 15 hours of skiing! Sunday was a little sketchy getting up to the good skiing and some people chose to run but once you were through the meadow the skiing was actually fantastic and it was fairly easy to get in the 2:15. It technically should have been a longer workout but with the great volume we did all week it wasn't necessary.

This week is recovery and despite the fact that we can probably still ski in areas we will be taking a break and doing just a few light workouts. If things pan out for the week as we hope we may be skiing for practice at Happy Jack again on Sunday. If not then we'll probably head up to Snowy Range and beat around a little. It appears that there is quite a bit of snow up there. We're just spoiled because we've been skiing 10min from town and Snowy Range is 30!

I took some video on Sunday that I'll be posting to the YouTube Channel, when I can remember to do it!

Fall is almost over, keep doing that snow dance!

Monday, November 02, 2009


Wow! What a great weekend!

After all the snow during the week the road finally opened on Saturday morning (yes that was Halloween!) and we were skiing that afternoon on groomed trails!

Since it was Halloween and our first ski at Happy Jack we had a hunt for the 3 Great Pumpkins that were hidden on the trails. Once they were found each team member had to "brand" themselves and receive the "sign of the spider".

Once they got branded and spider marked from all three Great Pumpkins they raced back to the meeting place and had to do a trick for their treats. You can see most of the tricks at There were 6 groups and you'll notice that you only see 5 tricks. One group had a questionable trick, questionable because it didn't take any skill, but it was also definitely not PG enough to post online!

There is probably 1 foot of packed snow on most of the trails and all the trails were groomed but the forecast for this week will be less than favorable for keeping the snow (temperatures in the 50's). With that in mind we are going to take advantage of this week to have an early season, on-snow, volume camp. We believe we'll be able to ski up at Happy Jack through Sunday, even with the warm temperatures predicted, so we will be skiing every day, except for Tuesday & Thursday. After that we'll hope for more favorable temperatures to hold the snow we have and maybe even add a little!

Not a bad season so far by the beginning of November some of us will have already skied 7 times!

It doesn't get any better than that!