Saturday, September 26, 2009

Strength workout! Fun Fun Fun!

The new strength training this fall has been fun and everyone is getting strong!

Check out the videos from last week on our Youtube Channel. Who says you can't have fun and work hard!

Also, meet our newest team member. I think I may have to retire, these freshmen are getting younger and younger!

Monday, September 21, 2009

That's Ironic

This is a good story.

Christi, Rachel and I had a chat about my recently injured leg at today's team practice. Funny enough, they mentioned I did not follow my own sign off from my last post. This leg injury occurred mountain biking last week when I did not keep the rubber side down.
Ironic huh?

we'll try this sign off because I can't follow my own.

Kids, stay in school

Adam k

Fort Robinson Rocks!

The second annual Fort Robinson Camp has crystallized one thing for sure, it is an awesome place for a camp!

The "Brick" is a wonderful place to stay, with tons of room, kitchen, 4 bathrooms, large group table and tons of addition room on the spacious porch!

We walk out the door and run for 20 minutes and we have one of the best hillbounding hills imaginable. Put on our rollerskis and have several km's of new pavement with essentially no cars. If you get bored with that you can head up the scenic road and watch the buffalo, burros, horses, cattle, elk and various other animals wander across the road.

This time we even found an amazing swimming hole, which was great fun after the killer hillbounding!

For the final morning, step out the door, put on your rollerskis and warmup by skiing to the start of the time-trial. The time-trial is flat for about 1 mile and then starts going uphill pretty seriously. The steepest part of the trek is actually right at the top so it's not for the faint of heart! All 16 of the athletes who came to the camp finished the trek to the top. It was an amazing showing for the first intensity week of the year!

On the whole we as coaches couldn't be more proud of our athletes. They came, worked hard and had a positive cheerful attitude. Not only that but they are possibly the most helpful and self-motivated group we have worked with. We never had to tell anyone to do the dishes nor to start dinner. They just jumped in and did it!

I have posted pictures on the team facebook page:

And will post the videos I have on the UW Nordic YouTube Channel:

Here's a preview of videos to come...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Off to Nebraska!

Although it sounds absolutely silly to have a ski camp in Nebraska this afternoon we are off on our fall low-altitude training camp!

This will be the second time we have done this and last year it was great fun!

We go to Fort Robinson which it turns out is a really nice place and has some amazing training opportunities!

It's only about 3000', is right on the south-east edge of the Black Hills, has a killer bluff for hill-bounding and an awesome scenic drive for the rollerski time-trial. Add to that the huge, cheap house that used to be officer quarters for the old fort and it really can't be beat!

There is no internet nor television there so we'll be out of touch but we'll be sure to upload video and pictures on our return.

Off for great fun and some killer intensity!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

2 Wheel Adventures

This summer I did a lot of biking and I am going to share my adventures.
May and June were filled with bike rides in northern Minnesota. Each weekend consisted of a 70+ mile ride with guys double my age. Days with PB&J sandwiches at miles 40 and 60 and uncrowded county roads winding through lakes and forests. Oh and humidity too. One sunday, a group of 3 of us rode 80 miles and I decided I wanted to finish out a century. So, at 3 in the afternoon, in the hottest part of the day I went out solo for 20 miles to finish it up. All in all it was a six hour day, but finishing a century is a great feeling.
June 20 -28 I rode in Colorado with some fellow Iron Rangers and 1600 people from around the world. The Bicycle Tour of Colorado was the task at hand. I had done this ride twice before and was going out again. This summer's loop took us from Glenwood Springs to Hotchkiss, Grand Junction, Montrose, Crested Butte, Buena Vista and back to Glenwood. A nice 550 mile loop with some good climbs including McClure Pass, Grand Mesa, Cottonwood and Independence Pass. The last two topping out at over 12000 feet.Cottonwood pass
was 14 miles of dirt to the summit and a rippin' downhill with straight stretches of 12%, really fast. Coming out of Grand Junction we rode through the Colorado Monumument and man was that cool. As if 550 miles in six days of biking wasn't enough, a few of us biked Mt. Evans the very next day. Mt. Evans is the tallest paved road in North America going up to 14,200 feet. We started in Idaho Springs and climbed for 35 miles to get to the top. Long day but well worth it, so was passing motorcycles on the way down.
I got the chance to visit an exchange student we hosted a few years ago this summer. They live in Crolles, near the Alps. Lucky for me, the grand daddy of them all, Le Tour de France was going on less than 100 km from their house! I got to see the big boys climb Col du Columbiere outside of Grand Bornand in stage 17 as well as the individual time trial in Annecy the next day. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. So sweet.
Also I did some riding in the Alps by the student's house as well as some riding in Basque Country near the Pyrenees. Those hills are steeeep. Good fun, what a time!
Back at school and trying to get out on the bike whenever my homework load allows. Hopefully we can get in some good rides before the snow flies!

keep the rubber side down,

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Medal Test- only the tough need apply!

Sunday marked the first ever running of the "Medal Test" for the UW Nordic Ski Team.

We had 4 men and 2 women who were tough enough to try it out and they did amazing! There seems to be some discrepancy on the box jump height online but the rest of the tests should be pretty good!

The results can be found at

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Skate Sprint Technique

I know it's a little early to start thinking about technique - NOT.

Here is a great video showing a great sprint technique, probably not optimal for 15km!

You can also check out some of the related videos.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Nice article on strength training...

This is a nice article and it cites several coaches from killer ski programs. Give it a read

First Practice today!

Today is the first official practice of fall! Yay!

We will be doing strength and Yoga. You can attend either activity or both to get practice points.

For strength we'll meet at 5:30pm in front of Half Acre Gym. We'll do a short warmup, then strength.

After strength we'll do Yoga. Meet in Education Annex 318 at 6:30, we will probably be a little late since this is the first strength workout.

We'll see you out there!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Good Teammate Guidelines

Good Teammate Guidelines

  • Support everyone’s desire to get better in their individual ways.
  • Recognize that what you put in, is what you get out.
  • Be prepared [manage your time] – school work first, schedule your time, work around skiing itinerary and syllabi.
  • Focus on the big picture ⇒ you’ll remember your teammates long after you forget your results.
  • Don’t let your anger on yourself/your performance splatter on others. (12 minute:12 minutes immediately after the race you can focus completely on yourself. You can be mad, super glad, run around with your shirt off in the snow doing a jig, snap your poles in half, yell loud, talk about how you were a GOD on the downhills etc... After 12 minutes, turn your focus to your teammates and their races.)
  • Voice discontent (in a nice way) to your teammate, team captain or coach. [not behind their back]
  • Use your officers.
  • Together we can accomplish more than we can alone.
  • Foster a safe environment to learn/grow.
  • Keep a positive mindset (Thoughts are things)
  • Have fun
  • Respect everyone (Remember Rachel’s quote = "Treat the person sitting next to you as if he/she has accomplished amazing things. You will never be wrong and you will certainly never be sorry.")
  • Sportsmanship – Community visibility & image. Employ class and grace.
The UW Nordic Ski Team is dedicated to adhering to these Guidelines every day.