Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Long time- no write!

It's been a long time since anyone has updated the blog so I'm going to do a quick overview of December and what's coming up!

Early in December we hosted the Laramie High School race and it was a huge success, see blog post below.

After that we were all hit with taking and grading finals, not good but normal!

The week of finals we had our second Wednesday Night Race, 5km classic. The UW and the LHS coaches will be running a Wednesday Night Race Series to help raise money for a new timing system, our old one is still working but is no longer being developed and we feel there is a limited time that it will continue working. If you'd like to donate to the cause email uwski@yahoo.com! The results can be found at: http://mbna.pbworks.com/Results_Classic_12_16

After that everyone went home and started doing some good training, we hope!

Last weekend Zheyna, Fitz, Kyle and Sara did the New Year's Relay in Steamboat and despite Fitz not feeling well they all did great!

We are now getting ready for the New Years Camp in Leadville. The snow isn't as good as Laramie but there is some in the forecast and the Mineral Belt Trail is really great! We're planning lots of technique, some speed and a lot of fun!

After that we'll head back to Laramie to prepare for the beginning of the semester and then for the Air Force Invitational, the first USCSA National Qualifier, at Snow Mountain Ranch and Devil's Thumb Ranch.

Good fun for all!

Monday, December 07, 2009

High School Races!

UW Nordic hosted the Laramie High School Nordic races this weekend and it was great!

We want to thank all the volunteers, UW ski team members, parents, coaches and athletes for a great time!

Results can be found at: http://www.uwyo.edu/ski/highschool/results.htm

We also took a bunch of videos so if you were racing check these out!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Thanksgiving Ski Camp

The team just got back from a darn good training camp in Granby. We left Wyoming for Granby wednesday afternoon and got there in time for a nice ski at Snow Mountain Ranch (SMR). Then we convoyed up to our digs for the rest of the week...SICK! Christi and Rachel did a great job of finding some ritzy places, hot tubs and everything. More on the hut tubs later. Thanksgiving morning we had a nice, long ski. Bluebird skies and good snow. That evening we gathered for Thanksgiving feast, and boy was it a good one. Food galore! Smoked turkeys, potatoes, yams, stuffing, green beans, pies...the list goes on and on. Needless to say we didn't have to cook any food Friday night. Friday night also was a hot tub night. The coaches took a dip in their tub prior to dinner and just after food was all taken care off starting feeling pretty goofy. Awful...unfortunately they ended their camp to come home and dominate the illness. As for the rest of us kids, we kept on trucking. Saturday we did some technique work and a few took part in a time trial. DU skiers there thought we were crazy for going down the huge icy hill, but we're from Wyoming and thats how we roll. Saturday night was a little last night of camp hoo rah with some time skiing at Sol Vista in the dark and before they were open. Not the best skiing but fun none the less. The skiing was followed by ice cream and the OC, every teenage girl's dream.
As for my self I spent the better part of November skiing without poles due to a fractured thumb. Yeah, just can't take care of myself. Good news is that its healing and I got a smaller splint that allows my thumb to fit in my gloves, so now I can finally do some real skiing
Well Happy Jack is looking stellar see you out there!

Adam K

P.S. I beat Marie in the last 5@5, she had poles and I didn't, that'll teach her to talk smack!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hats are here!

Our team hats are in!

They can be purchased for $15 for ski team athletes and $18 for others.


So I completely dropped the ball on updating the blog on the races this week. I guess it's better to be late than never!

Wednesday was the first 5@5 of the season and it was great!

We had a great turn-out for this early in the season, 23 people! Only 21 show up on the results because our Law Student and Laramie native, lead some of our Freshmen astray and they got lost. A couple finished the race anyway but two didn't really make it back.

Other than that the field was pretty strong lead by Zhenya, Levin and John followed closely by Sarah. It wasn't a very cold night so good fun was had by all!
Results: http://mbna.pbworks.com/Results-5%405

Classic Sprint
We had a slightly smaller turnout on Sunday for the classic sprints with 18 but it was still a great field! A few people showed up with skate gear and we let everyone race!

It was a great time with 3 full rounds of racing and some interesting finishes.

The conditions were amazing and we'd like to thank our friendly grooming crew of Luke and Randy for putting tracks in just for our little race!

Results: http://mbna.pbworks.com/Results%3A-Classic-Sprint

You can see video of the sprint race on our YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/uwski

This week we're off to Snow Mountain Ranch for our annual Thanksgiving Camp. They don't currently have as much snow as we have in Laramie but with any luck they'll get some more as the week progresses.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

First race Wednesday!

Due to the amazing snow we received, which supplemented the snow we already had, we will be having our first race this Wednesday night at 5:00pm.

We have done these in the past but haven't had enough snow for the last few years. It's a 5km freestyle race in the dark and it's a great time!

It's an open/free race for anyone who wants to race but you need to pre-register by emailing christib@rocketmail.com

Don't forget your headlamp!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

UW Nordic In the News!

Just a quick note on recent UW Nordic Articles:

The Top Prof awards featured our own Coach, Rachel Watson for the 4th time!
UW Senior Honor Society Names Top Professors for 2009

One of the Branding Iron, school newspaper, sports editors chose UW Nordic's double national championship as his favorite sport memory. The Branding Iron’s favorite sports memories

Not bad considering we haven't even started racing this year yet!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Winter is coming, we think!

Wow! What a fantastic Volume week we had!

We knew at the beginning of the week that the massive snowfall we had wasn't going to last the season. No we wouldn't be skiing daily straight through but we also had hopes that we could do an on-snow volume camp last week. That may have sounded crazy when looking at the forecast of 60+ all week but Happy Jack is a magical place and for some unknown reason manages to hold snow amazingly well.

We started the week with a 1:30 LSD skate/technique workout on Monday. Strength & Yoga on Tuesday, 1:30LSD Classic on Wednesday, strength and Yoga again on Thursday, 1:30LSD skate on Friday and a 2:15LSD skate on Sunday!

All of this was done on groomed trails and most of our top athletes did way more skiing than that. We believe Fitz has the record for the week with 15 hours of skiing! Sunday was a little sketchy getting up to the good skiing and some people chose to run but once you were through the meadow the skiing was actually fantastic and it was fairly easy to get in the 2:15. It technically should have been a longer workout but with the great volume we did all week it wasn't necessary.

This week is recovery and despite the fact that we can probably still ski in areas we will be taking a break and doing just a few light workouts. If things pan out for the week as we hope we may be skiing for practice at Happy Jack again on Sunday. If not then we'll probably head up to Snowy Range and beat around a little. It appears that there is quite a bit of snow up there. We're just spoiled because we've been skiing 10min from town and Snowy Range is 30!

I took some video on Sunday that I'll be posting to the YouTube Channel, when I can remember to do it!

Fall is almost over, keep doing that snow dance!

Monday, November 02, 2009


Wow! What a great weekend!

After all the snow during the week the road finally opened on Saturday morning (yes that was Halloween!) and we were skiing that afternoon on groomed trails!

Since it was Halloween and our first ski at Happy Jack we had a hunt for the 3 Great Pumpkins that were hidden on the trails. Once they were found each team member had to "brand" themselves and receive the "sign of the spider".

Once they got branded and spider marked from all three Great Pumpkins they raced back to the meeting place and had to do a trick for their treats. You can see most of the tricks at http://www.youtube.com/uwski There were 6 groups and you'll notice that you only see 5 tricks. One group had a questionable trick, questionable because it didn't take any skill, but it was also definitely not PG enough to post online!

There is probably 1 foot of packed snow on most of the trails and all the trails were groomed but the forecast for this week will be less than favorable for keeping the snow (temperatures in the 50's). With that in mind we are going to take advantage of this week to have an early season, on-snow, volume camp. We believe we'll be able to ski up at Happy Jack through Sunday, even with the warm temperatures predicted, so we will be skiing every day, except for Tuesday & Thursday. After that we'll hope for more favorable temperatures to hold the snow we have and maybe even add a little!

Not a bad season so far by the beginning of November some of us will have already skied 7 times!

It doesn't get any better than that!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Yoga & Meditation

As I was reviewing the recent blog posts on my Google Reader I came across and article about meditation by Patrick Stinson (http://fasterskier.com/2009/10/meditation-as-a-recovery-tool/). This article reminded me that one of the most ignored and important part of training, behind but closely related to recovery, is the mental game.

The mental game is interesting because some people believe that it's you really need, "If you want it bad enough!" and it is important but it has to be accompanied with the physical game. I believe that when two similarly trained and talented athletes compete it will often come down to who is mentally tougher but that the real 'Mental Game' happens every day.

Every single day an athlete makes choices that will ultimately help her/him become successful or lead to their ultimate downfall. For most athletes it is relatively easy to tough out a workout, push through the end of a race, or do that last rep in strength. It is not easy to then lie down, go to bed early, eat the right stuff AND give your brain a break. Small choices snowball into huge avalanches when the season starts and it is the athletes that, because I'm also in Wyoming, just "git er done!" every day, all year long, that will ultimately see the success for which they strive.

This is one of the things I like about Patrick's blog post, he is acknowledging the importance of dealing with your mind to increase your ability to recover. Being mentally able to deal with the everyday trauma of training is extremely important but in many ways dealing with the everyday stresses of life is more difficult and finding the balance between the two is the most difficult.

Patrick gave us one example of mental work that athletes can do. Our team started doing yoga last fall for the same reason. The mental part of yoga is extremely important but it also has the advantage of increasing flexibility, balance, strength and provides a great opportunity for active recovery. It's a win-win!

Whichever method you choose, it is important for you to consider the mental part of your training. In the long run what separates the dogs from the pups is not the ability to train hard on the interval days but the ability to recover from those days, make good choices and keep mentally focused.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Friday, October 09, 2009

From the Eurochopper!

Dear all,

As some of you might know (many of you don't) I am currently on a research visit to the TU Delft in the Netherlands. I will be working here until Christmas which I will spend in Austria. I am still not done with my PhD but really not too far away from finishing anymore (most likely sometimes in summer). Below you'll find a brief summary of my experiences so far...

The traveling was pretty smooth (thanks to my ride Kristyn to Denver, and my hosts Andy&Laura in Denver) since the predicted snowstorm was a little bit late. My last minute packing method worked perfect as usual but my brain did not after a nice meal at the Cafe Berlin and so I managed to forget my Laptop + some paperwork in Kristyn's car. The problem was solved the next day by arranging for a shipment of the documents to the Netherlands (thank you Rene!). Getting to Delft after arriving in Amsterdam was a piece of cake and so was checking in to my new room. I am sharing kitchen and bath with my new roommate Mehmet from Iran. He does not talk very much and I really hope he is not here to get is pilot license...
On my way from the apartment to my new office (which is only 10min by foot) I realized a few interesting things:
1) I must have really adapted to the nice, cold and dry Wyoming climate over the past 4 years, beacause the 15C rainy weather with a humidity of close to 90% was killing me!
2) I already missed mountains!
3) I am not used to people anymore: everybody looked very important and busy here, how annoying!
4) Similarly to the states not many people walk here but that's because everybody rides a bike. I almost got myself killed several times! The way traffic works here: bikes first, then cars at the end of the chain is the pedestrian
5) There is a lot of water here!

After getting a desk in a really nice student office (!) I met my new Prof. Dirk Roekaerts. He seems to be very much like Dr. Heinz described him to me: very smart, very nice with gray hair and sometimes a bit lost in thought (isn't that how a Prof. should be?). We went straight to talking business which was not a good idea since I was pretty incoherent after not sleeping much for 48 hours...Anyways, I think he did forgive me for that and we had a much more fruitful discussion the next day and by now we have already a pretty good idea of what we want to work on (a flame of course!).

Over the last days I met most of the PhD students and a few undergrads. A nice international mix of people! Also, half of them do experiments which already resulted in some interesting discussions about, guess what, flames. Next week I am invited to watch one of the students fire up a burner and take some measurements in the flame. Besides my immediate colleges in the thermo-fluids group I am surrounded by labs in which people research pretty cool things like quantuum tunneling and so forth (my office is in the physics building). Overall, an intellectually very stimulating environment!

The food in the Mensa is pretty good and decently priced. In the evenings I have different cheeses and sausages with pretty good bread everyday. In terms of food it already feels close to home. Though there is one striking difference to home (and to Laramie): the people here are all so tall! Every other guy and every third girl are taller than me (nothing for you Rene!). Must be from the cheese...

After I got rid of a cold which I caught on the plane (of course...) I went on my first run yesterday. Going for a run is always a good way to check out new places. To avoid getting lost (which I usally do) I decided to run along the main canal which runs through Delft. Running at sea level (or even below) is quite an experience after living on top of a mountain for the last 4 years. I started with a nice slow zone 1 pace but my heart rate did not really go up. After a few minutes I increased the pace to what would be a fast zone 2 pace in Laramie. My heart rate was still in low zone 1. I felt like supermen! Along the canal there are very pretty old brick stone buildings all of which are renovated nicely. Living in Laramie, I almost forgot how nice houses can be! Besides the old houses there were more things that really made me feel that I am in an old European University town.
I must have came across at least a dozen rowing boats. To my surprise (and pleasure) most of the boats were filled with pretty hot girls (thats what paradise must be). Seeing these girls I was thinking to myself that I better should have learned rowing instead of spending all my time playing tennis in St. Gilgen. I don't know if the girls were the reason for my heart rate to catch up with the pace I was running but it eventually did. I guess some things don't change: you cant turn a donkey into a race horse, not even at sea level.

It's Friday evening and I pretty much wrote what I have to tell so far. I will go for another run now and perhaps I am able to find out where the rowing girls hang out later on. I will grab a bite to eat and have myself some of the Dutch brews!

Cheers and Goedenavond,

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Nutrition talk!!

In case you missed the nutrition talk on Friday afternoon or just want to review something the videos have been uploaded on the uwski YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/uwski

There are four parts uploaded on YouTube but here's the first section.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Strength workout! Fun Fun Fun!

The new strength training this fall has been fun and everyone is getting strong!

Check out the videos from last week on our Youtube Channel. Who says you can't have fun and work hard!

Also, meet our newest team member. I think I may have to retire, these freshmen are getting younger and younger!

Monday, September 21, 2009

That's Ironic

This is a good story.

Christi, Rachel and I had a chat about my recently injured leg at today's team practice. Funny enough, they mentioned I did not follow my own sign off from my last post. This leg injury occurred mountain biking last week when I did not keep the rubber side down.
Ironic huh?

we'll try this sign off because I can't follow my own.

Kids, stay in school

Adam k

Fort Robinson Rocks!

The second annual Fort Robinson Camp has crystallized one thing for sure, it is an awesome place for a camp!

The "Brick" is a wonderful place to stay, with tons of room, kitchen, 4 bathrooms, large group table and tons of addition room on the spacious porch!

We walk out the door and run for 20 minutes and we have one of the best hillbounding hills imaginable. Put on our rollerskis and have several km's of new pavement with essentially no cars. If you get bored with that you can head up the scenic road and watch the buffalo, burros, horses, cattle, elk and various other animals wander across the road.

This time we even found an amazing swimming hole, which was great fun after the killer hillbounding!

For the final morning, step out the door, put on your rollerskis and warmup by skiing to the start of the time-trial. The time-trial is flat for about 1 mile and then starts going uphill pretty seriously. The steepest part of the trek is actually right at the top so it's not for the faint of heart! All 16 of the athletes who came to the camp finished the trek to the top. It was an amazing showing for the first intensity week of the year!

On the whole we as coaches couldn't be more proud of our athletes. They came, worked hard and had a positive cheerful attitude. Not only that but they are possibly the most helpful and self-motivated group we have worked with. We never had to tell anyone to do the dishes nor to start dinner. They just jumped in and did it!

I have posted pictures on the team facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/University-of-Wyoming-Nordic-Ski-Club/275361125286?ref=mf

And will post the videos I have on the UW Nordic YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/uwski

Here's a preview of videos to come...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Off to Nebraska!

Although it sounds absolutely silly to have a ski camp in Nebraska this afternoon we are off on our fall low-altitude training camp!

This will be the second time we have done this and last year it was great fun!

We go to Fort Robinson which it turns out is a really nice place and has some amazing training opportunities!

It's only about 3000', is right on the south-east edge of the Black Hills, has a killer bluff for hill-bounding and an awesome scenic drive for the rollerski time-trial. Add to that the huge, cheap house that used to be officer quarters for the old fort and it really can't be beat!

There is no internet nor television there so we'll be out of touch but we'll be sure to upload video and pictures on our return.

Off for great fun and some killer intensity!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

2 Wheel Adventures

This summer I did a lot of biking and I am going to share my adventures.
May and June were filled with bike rides in northern Minnesota. Each weekend consisted of a 70+ mile ride with guys double my age. Days with PB&J sandwiches at miles 40 and 60 and uncrowded county roads winding through lakes and forests. Oh and humidity too. One sunday, a group of 3 of us rode 80 miles and I decided I wanted to finish out a century. So, at 3 in the afternoon, in the hottest part of the day I went out solo for 20 miles to finish it up. All in all it was a six hour day, but finishing a century is a great feeling.
June 20 -28 I rode in Colorado with some fellow Iron Rangers and 1600 people from around the world. The Bicycle Tour of Colorado was the task at hand. I had done this ride twice before and was going out again. This summer's loop took us from Glenwood Springs to Hotchkiss, Grand Junction, Montrose, Crested Butte, Buena Vista and back to Glenwood. A nice 550 mile loop with some good climbs including McClure Pass, Grand Mesa, Cottonwood and Independence Pass. The last two topping out at over 12000 feet.Cottonwood pass
was 14 miles of dirt to the summit and a rippin' downhill with straight stretches of 12%, really fast. Coming out of Grand Junction we rode through the Colorado Monumument and man was that cool. As if 550 miles in six days of biking wasn't enough, a few of us biked Mt. Evans the very next day. Mt. Evans is the tallest paved road in North America going up to 14,200 feet. We started in Idaho Springs and climbed for 35 miles to get to the top. Long day but well worth it, so was passing motorcycles on the way down.
I got the chance to visit an exchange student we hosted a few years ago this summer. They live in Crolles, near the Alps. Lucky for me, the grand daddy of them all, Le Tour de France was going on less than 100 km from their house! I got to see the big boys climb Col du Columbiere outside of Grand Bornand in stage 17 as well as the individual time trial in Annecy the next day. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. So sweet.
Also I did some riding in the Alps by the student's house as well as some riding in Basque Country near the Pyrenees. Those hills are steeeep. Good fun, what a time!
Back at school and trying to get out on the bike whenever my homework load allows. Hopefully we can get in some good rides before the snow flies!

keep the rubber side down,

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Medal Test- only the tough need apply!

Sunday marked the first ever running of the "Medal Test" for the UW Nordic Ski Team.

We had 4 men and 2 women who were tough enough to try it out and they did amazing! There seems to be some discrepancy on the box jump height online but the rest of the tests should be pretty good!

The results can be found at https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0Amj0AQBEzybjdFd1ekJKRXN1dGJ4b0dKYUlGY2FSTGc&hl=en

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Skate Sprint Technique

I know it's a little early to start thinking about technique - NOT.

Here is a great video showing a great sprint technique, probably not optimal for 15km!

You can also check out some of the related videos.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Nice article on strength training...

This is a nice article and it cites several coaches from killer ski programs. Give it a read


First Practice today!

Today is the first official practice of fall! Yay!

We will be doing strength and Yoga. You can attend either activity or both to get practice points.

For strength we'll meet at 5:30pm in front of Half Acre Gym. We'll do a short warmup, then strength.

After strength we'll do Yoga. Meet in Education Annex 318 at 6:30, we will probably be a little late since this is the first strength workout.

We'll see you out there!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Good Teammate Guidelines

Good Teammate Guidelines

  • Support everyone’s desire to get better in their individual ways.
  • Recognize that what you put in, is what you get out.
  • Be prepared [manage your time] – school work first, schedule your time, work around skiing itinerary and syllabi.
  • Focus on the big picture ⇒ you’ll remember your teammates long after you forget your results.
  • Don’t let your anger on yourself/your performance splatter on others. (12 minute:12 minutes immediately after the race you can focus completely on yourself. You can be mad, super glad, run around with your shirt off in the snow doing a jig, snap your poles in half, yell loud, talk about how you were a GOD on the downhills etc... After 12 minutes, turn your focus to your teammates and their races.)
  • Voice discontent (in a nice way) to your teammate, team captain or coach. [not behind their back]
  • Use your officers.
  • Together we can accomplish more than we can alone.
  • Foster a safe environment to learn/grow.
  • Keep a positive mindset (Thoughts are things)
  • Have fun
  • Respect everyone (Remember Rachel’s quote = "Treat the person sitting next to you as if he/she has accomplished amazing things. You will never be wrong and you will certainly never be sorry.")
  • Sportsmanship – Community visibility & image. Employ class and grace.
The UW Nordic Ski Team is dedicated to adhering to these Guidelines every day.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Here we go!

You've now got your first week under your belt and hopefully you have your classes worked out. It's time to start thinking about skiing or at least ski training!

We'll be having our first organizational meeting this coming Wednesday at 4pm in AG 5030. Come with your excitement and any friends who might be interested in skiing.

We'll go over some basics of the team, changes that have been made in the training/racing schedule since last year and other stuff.

If you have any questions please let us know, uwski@yahoo.com.

We'll see you there!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It looks like you are getting more than just skiing!

Forbes Ranks UW among the Nation's Top Public Colleges


Getting back into school and training!

It's that time of year when the days of rest, tedious jobs and lonesome training are over.

Some of you dread the return to school with it's stress and schedule. Some of you are extremely excited to see friends, work on your sexy mind and have training partners. Regardless of which side of the issue you sit school has started.

Hopefully you had a great summer of training and are coming back into fall ready to rock! Some of you will have done as much or more training than you hoped but most of you will find that somehow the summer slipped away from you and despite your best efforts to stay focused your training log doesn't show the hours you wanted. That's all in the past now and now is the time to evaluate your plan for the fall and go forward from there.

We will be meeting individually with anyone who wants during the first fews weeks of the semester. This meeting can help you evaluate your summer training and find a plan for your fall training.

For some tips for starting classes check out the blog entry below.


Friday, August 21, 2009

School Starts Monday!

After a long summer of fun and training (we hope!) the athletes will be returning for classes on Monday!

Welcome back!

We'll be having our first organizational meeting on Wednesday September 2. If you want to get all the information on training and skiing you'll want to be there! It will be from 4-6pm in AG 5030.

Come ready to listen, participate and ask questions.

We'll see you there!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Max Strength here we come!

This week we will start our two weeks of Max strength for the fall. It was originally scheduled to start on the 24th but due to the Tender Foot Triathlon AND the availability of the High School weight room we have decided to move it up two weeks.

We'll be cutting back on our speed/velocity exercises and adding several max strength exercises.

It should be fun!


• 10 min jog
• 5 min jump rope
• 3X20 seconds Step-Taps
• Two steps in each box (both feet)
• Single foot per box
• 2-leg lateral hops
• 3X6

• 3X6 (on


• 2X6 Squats
• 2X6 Lunges
• 2X6 Step-ups

• 2X10 Bench press
• 2X10 Dips w/weight
• 2X12 Pull-ups w/weight
• 2X12 Med ball double pole throws
• 2X12 Each side Russian twists w/ med ball throw
Only for those not doing Yoga:
• 2X12 Prone plank knee extension (physioball)
• 2X12 Supine knee curl (physioball)

1:00 isometric strength, balance and flexibility

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Strength examples for Rotations 3 & 4

Below you will find the confusing strength activities with a youtube video of someone doing the activity. I will continue to add videos to this blog post so be sure to bookmark it and come back when you need. Remember that the full list of strength activities is online at: http://www.uwyo.edu/ski/training.htm

Step Taps

Single Foot

Zig Zag (two-feet)

Zig Zag (one-foot)


Pushup - Sprint

Squat Jumps onto or over something (Between sets do 10 bench dips)

Side Jumps (over something sideways)

Classic Box Jumps

Friday, July 24, 2009

Thank you to the annonymous donors! The UW Nordic ski team will be much better off because of your donations.

Tri it High Triathlon

Woo Hoo! What a great time!

We all had a wonderful time at the triathlon this last weekend. Kelly and Ashley completed their very first triathlon. After several years of health problems it was quite an accomplishment. Zhenya needs a little work on swimming but despite this managed to place 12th overall. Rachel & Christi both improved their time by almost 3 minutes and Becca had one of the best races ever. The highlight of the day was Joe, who managed to place 3rd, behind two professional racers!

Great fun was had by all and we're looking forward to the Tenderfoot Triathlon!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Important Donation!

We have received a wonderful donation from some generous people!

Although they wish to remain anonymous we want to announce that we have received a donation if the form of safety vests for our entire team! The anonymous donors want to make sure that we are all safe as possible while we train and has donated the vests below, from LL Bean for the team.

All that is necessary now is that you purchase a helmet to attend rollerski practices. Remember we are sponsored by Rudy Project and can get high quality helmets for minimal cost. You can also buy helmets at any bike shop and many other places.

Thanks again to our donors!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Follow up to yesterday's post

Eli Brown, University of Utah Head coach, has made a great post about rollerski safety. Since it goes along with my post I thought I'd put it out there for you to read. We are serious about rollerski safety this year.


Thursday, July 16, 2009


All of you have heard of the tragedy of Willie Neal earlier this summer. We want to take this time to remind you that although there is nothing that can ensure your safety when rollerskiing there are several steps that can be taken. Key among them are to wear a helmet and a reflective vest as well as choose good times to train, good roads to train on and others.

These two things can help a great deal and will be required for anyone who wants to rollerski with our team this fall. Most of you have helmets for biking, which work great for rollerskiing. If you don't remember that we are sponsored by Rudy Project so you have access to helmets at a great deal.

Thanks to L.L. Bean all nordic skiers now have the possibility to purchase a reflective vest at cost. They are offering a wonderful training vest (usually $25) for $10! It's a wonderful opportunity to get a quality vest for a more than reasonable price. Please buy one of these vests before your return in the fall so we can all be safe on the roads.

Brooks Vest at LL Bean: http://www.tworoadsfitness.com/nitelifevest.html

Get one!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rossignol Boot Recall!

Rossignol has recalled a bunch of it's boots sold 2007-2009. Check out this link if you have Rossignol boots, you might get a new pair!

CBC Link: http://www.cbc.ca/consumer/recalls/2009/07/rossignol_nordic_ski_boots_rec.html
Canadian Recall Page:
Rossignol Recall Notice: http://evergreenalliance.com/recallnotice/xiumrecall.html

Check it out now!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Vitamin D! You can't get enough!

Check out one of the new research areas UW is embarking upon. It's of vital importance to you as athletes and people so be sure to read it and get a good supplement for next winter!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Training!

We have started our summer training group here in Laramie. So far there are 15 people who come on and off. It's going great and it fun to have a group to train with during the summer.

If you are interested in joining us and are in the Laramie area just shoot an email to uwski@yahoo.com and we'll add you to the summer training group.

If you aren't around be sure to check the training schedules at: http://www.uwyo.edu/ski/training.htm

Be safe & we'll see you there!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sad News...

It is a sad day for nordic skiing.

I just got word that Willie Neal, whom many of you know and skied with, was killed by a car while rollerskiing on Sunday.

The article is here: http://fasterskier.com/2009/06/jackson-wy-biathlete-willie-neal-killed-in-roller-skiing-accident/

My sincere sympathy to all of you who knew Willie and for US Nordic Skiing.

He will be missed...

Monday, June 15, 2009

USCSA BOD Meeting, Albany, NY

A few words describe Albany, NY. Humid, old, deciduous, and rainy. I arrived at the Marriott Hotel with a distinct feeling of clamminess on my face. A long day of catching planes, eating airport cuisine, and interacting with people I really didn't want to (the self-proclaimed computer geek next to me on my flight into Charlotte, NC) left me feeling ready to relax in my room. I ate dinner by myself in the hotel restaurant (a first for me and not as bad as I had thought). A cute waiter attended to me. Sorry Brian. Christi would not be arriving until the next morning so I checked out the HBO schedule and found to my delight that Baby Mama was playing! I fell asleep to dreams of Tina Fey and Amy Phoeler dancing in my head. 
The next morning I was decidedly nervous about what was to go down. Christi was already delayed in her quest to Albany so I knew I was going to be alone for part of the morning. After a delicious breakfast and meeting many North-easterners (including a guy who spoke just like the announcer in Maine!) we convened in the conference room with water bottles and candy dishes abounding. We began with a couple presentations, one dealing with sexual harassment (don't worry team, I now know the rules) and the other with coaching. This is about when I first realized that the majority of this meeting would deal with Alpine skiing because he began by asking who in the room deals with alpine skiing and nearly every hand went up. The guy giving the presentation had been one of the US Alpine women's coaches for the past season and it would have been very interesting had I known how to apply it at all to Nordic. 
Then began the committee meetings. Christi arrived just in time for a delayed start to the Nordic meeting. We decided to continue the night sprint because of the positive response from both Nordic, snowboard AND alpine skiers! We will decide whether to hold the sprints at the downhill area where the lighting is better or at Black Mountain (where the Nordic races are held) once Nationals begins. One of the hot topics for the entire meeting was how to hold awards. Most athletes are all for holding separate discipline awards (Nordic skiers have their own awards at Black Mountain, Alpiners have theirs at Sunday River, thus eliminating the long drive for us). That is still to be decided. That was the majority of what we talked about. (feel free to ask me if there are any other questions about this). Now for the fun stuff!
Christi and I went downtown on Friday night--no one else wanted to adventure out. We saw the huge capitol building and a church that was built in 1714. That is OLD! We also noted how different the east in that there are SO MANY TREES that don't allow you to be able to see anything around you! It was a claustrophobic, suffocating feeling! I also rode in a taxi for the first time in the US. That was fun. The next night, we went to a mall close by and ate at a fondue restaurant called The Melting Pot. It was the best! Next we saw Night at the Museum 2 on IMAX. 
The next morning, I heard Christi silently leave the room to catch her taxi to the airport since her plane left an hour before mine. I had set my alarm for 5:20 and figured I had about twenty more minutes of shut eye. Well, I began a dream that involved me being the hero on some sort of treasure hunt game, and I was interrupted by my cell phone ringing. Through my foggy brain came the realization that I shouldn't be hearing that particular ring because it wasn't my alarm tone. It was also too light in my room to be 5:20. It was my mother calling, at 7:30 asking if I had made it to Chicago. Of course, I hadn't made it to Chicago, I was sleeping peacefully in Albany while my plane left me. I flew out of bed in a panic yelling a few bad bad words along the way. Throwing my belongings into my bags and not even brushing my hair, I got a shuttle to the airport and worked everything out so I made it to Salt Lake only a few hours later than I should have. 
Thanks Christi for the wonderful time in New York and to the BOD for teaching me about Roger's Rules. It was a great weekend!

University of Wyoming Dean's and Freshman Honor Rolls -- Non-Resident

Congrats to Liz, Cara & Erin O. for making the Dean's and Freshman Honor Rolls - Non-Resident.

You make us proud!

Check out the full list at: http://www.uwyo.edu/news/showrelease.asp?id=32002&from=newssend

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thanks so much!!

Just a short note to thank everyone for all the help you gave us at the UW Ski Camp!! It is our privilege and pleasure to be associated with such talented and outstanding young men and women! We couldn't have done it without you. A special thanks to Ashley who was there with us before 6 AM until 9 PM. You were amazing. Of course there were so many others who spent hours in the kitchen with us - we can't thank you enough! As Christi and Rachel would say, "You rock our world!!"

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Is This Heaven?

Today was the end of the 2009 UW Nordic Summer Ski Camp. The Summer Camp is put on by the UW Nordic Ski Team for high school skiers. This year at camp we had 30 high school athletes, 10 college athletes, 7 coaches and 2 Heroes who some people call Dick and Evelyn.

Reunions and introductions filled the first day of camp. As the drive to camp is no simple task even from Laramie, there was no workout planned on Saturday. However, there was an amazing dinner prepared by Dick and Evelyn with help from Ashley and others. Following dinner, Rachel and Christi gave a lecture over training. For a bedtime story time, I played a stick figure movie I made about Junior Olympics 2006 for anyone who wanted to watch. I hope everyone wasn't bored to tears! After the movie, lights went out in the lodge and we all headed up to our cabins for a chilly heatless night in the mountains.

The main attraction of the camp is skiing the crust at Libby Flats. Libby Flats is a place located in the Snowy Range west of Laramie. At 10,800 feet, the snow doesn't melt completely until mid to late July. Sunday morning wasn't a particularly cold day. Unfortunetly, the snow had crusted over with many pot holes. It made skiing difficult and there were a great many painful falls. Surpassing adversity, everyone generally had a good time and as far as I know, there was no broken equipment on Sunday. We even managed to get in a technique lesson. We returned from skiing to a warm breakfast prepared once again at the hands of my heroes. Following breakfast we had a discussion about skiing in college and a Yoga session lead by Gracie. It was raining so we had to do it in the lodge. Not everyone could see Gracie but it didn't matter, we all twisted and stretched in ways we never thought possible! After a delicious lunch we headed out on a long slow distance run. For the people running with me, or near me, it was a fun run marked by rapping and joking. As far as I know, everyone had a fairly enjoyable run in the Wyoming weather. When we began our run, it was sunny and warm. The saying "If you don't like the weather in Wyoming, wait 15 minutes" could not have been more true. A few minutes into the run, it started to rain, rain turned to snow, snow turned to sun and then the end of the run was sunny. And just for the record, Gracie never dropped her key into the bog, we just wanted to run a little more. We returned to camp and a wonderful dinner. We went to bed in a rain storm.

Monday morning was another day of skiing. We always hope for a beautiful crust but it doesn't always work out that way. The night brought two or three inches of fresh snow. Without sun, the new snow didn't turn to crust. Did that stop us? Never! We all put on our skis in the frigid wind. The main course of skiing on Monday was a little game taught to me by a Russian. Zhyena taught me how to play a game which we quickly dubbed "Russian Biathlon." I taught everyone how to play Russian Biathlon. We had a great time playing a great game. Monday wasn't as nice to us as Sunday. We broke two skis. However, there was a noticeable lack of pot holes so that made things a little easier. To comfort our pain, a comforting breakfast was served after our ski! A short talk about training logs was followed by a strength circuit. It was raining so we held it inside. After our circuit we ate another amazing lunch. After lunch we ran natural intervals. It could be said, we didn't need showers after that run. It poured on us. At 8,500 feet, rain in June is not warm. It was a cold day of intervals but true to their nature, our athletes did very well. Unfortunately, we suffered our first injury on the rocky trials. Kyle rolled his ankle. A cold run is best remedied with a warm meal, and we weren't disappointed. After dinner, Angela formerly of the Wellness Center at UW gave a wonderfully informative speech on injuries and injury prevention. At this point, it had been raining all day which meant it was snowing all day up on top. Coaches gave us a choice, to sleep in or to try and ski even though the skiing might be horrible. Almost unanimously, they voted to get up and try even if it meant a hard day on snow. There's just something about Nordic skiers isn't there? Monday night was the last night of camp and that could only mean one thing. Dance Party!

When the trumpet sounded off on Tuesday morning, it was hard for most everyone to get out of bed but we did it and we made it up the hill. At the top, we were met by a few inches of new snow but it turned out to be the best skiing conditions yet! Though of course, the wind was blowing like crazy. It was a windy cold ski but totally worth every second of being on snow in June. We posed for a picture on the castle lookout tower. When we returned to camp, the most amazing thing happened. We got to eat Evelyn's cinnamon rolls! I truly do not think I’ve eaten a better tasting breakfast in my life. Next up was the team's competition. We competed in a series of relays and games such as a three legged race, an egg toss, an egg carry and other fun relays. At the end, the victors got first pick in their clean up duties. As the teams competition came to a close, parents started to arrive. We ate lunch with a few parents and then started to clean up camp. After camp was clean we all left never to forget the great time we had at Summer Ski Camp!

If I had to sum up ski camp in a five words they would be; Rain, Snow, Fun, Friendship and Delicious. So to answer my question, is this heaven? No, it’s Wyoming!

P.S. I would really like to thank Dick and Evelyn for everything they do for us at Ski Camp, without them none of this would be possible.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cynthia Lummis Speech!

Check this out!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Fat Lady has sung!

We've just finished the day and it is all over! UW Double National Championship!

It was an amazing day, with crazy weather and even crazier skiing. Sun, fog, snow, wind, sun, wind, snow...

We managed to just keep ahead of the weather and UW had decent skis and used them to great advantage.

The women started the day 12 points in front of Whitman, this meant that as long as they were within 1 place of Whitman they would win the overall. The women decided to make it interesting and almost gave the coaches heart failure!

Gracey rocked the first leg, coming in 20 seconds in front of second place. Gwynn took off for the fastest split of the day, adding 1 minute to the lead. Kari took off in the lead but soon found that an entire week of skiing her heart out had taken it out of her. It was all she could do to finish and both St. Olaf and Whitman caught her before the end of the race. Luckily for UW Shaina from St. Olaf held off Whitman for the win, leaving the cowgirls standing on top of the overall podium!

The men had an amazing day. We figured the points and if we took the top 3 men off the team the UW men would still have won Nationals. As it was the second relay team, lead by John passed the first relay team, Eliah, on the first leg of the relay. Matt was the first leg of the 3rd relay and finished right on Eliah's heals. Dan was second and soon dominated the rest of the teams. Jacob was the second leg for the 2nd team and he took off into 2nd place, behind Dan. Adam skied 2nd leg for the 3rd team and had a great run. Despite plowing fresh snow for the rest of the field and almost crashing into some touring skiers Dan came into the exchange zone 1+ minute in front of second place. He handed off to Zhenya and the race was over. Jacob handed off to Justin in 4th and Adam handed off to Fitz. Zhenya came it well in the lead, grabbed a UW flag and skied to the finish like a world cup winner, waiving the UW flag. Justin, having left everything on the trail yesterday, faded a bit but Fitz finally had the race we were all looking for all year, flying up from the back, passing team after team.

It was a good day, with the UW men and women completing their first ever double victory!

It doesn't get any better than that!

These athletes ROCK OUR WORLD!

Men's 15km Free

Sorry about posting this a little late, it was a crazy day.

The men were amazing as usual this week. The hallmark of a truly strong team is that when one falters another can take her/his place. This is exactly what happened in the skate race.

The men decided they didn't want to lead the whole race and managed to come out of the start with two skiers in front of them. Four UW men, Dan, Zhenya, Eliah and John, in a row were followed by the rest of the pack. Only a few kilometers into the race the lead man crashed and caused a huge pileup that forced our men to the front. Not a problem though, they were willing to work together.

By the second loop three UW men, Dan, Zhenya and John, had separated themselves from the pack and were skiing together with Dan leading and the other men hanging on.

It was an impressive race with the three men at the front followed by Eliah in 7th, Jacob in 14th and Justin, Fitz, Adam and Devin spread out through the pack.

The full 15km found Dan still leading with Zhenya jsut hanging on and John having dropped back a bit but still in front of the rest of the pack.

Zhenya tried to make a move to take Dan but Dan proved to be too strong and managed to complete the hat trick of three races in a row! Zhenya was 2nd three times and John had his best skate race of his career to finish in 3rd. The rest of the men skied amazing and the men's National Championship it now in the bag!

1-2-3 sweep with one different man for UW!

Now we are just looking for a good relay and these athletes can relax and celebrate their stunning victory.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Tortilla Cigars

Hey guys! So I heard that you liked my cigars This is Holly, Christi's little sis. I am giving you the original recipe from the Deceptively Delicious Cookbook. Then in the instructions, I gave you what I did instead. I don't go by the recipe rules blah!

Makes 6 large tortilla cigars
1 cup chicken (cooked and diced or shredded)
1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1/2 cup squash (pureed)
1/2 cup carrot (pureed)
4 oz cream cheese
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
6 large flour tortillas
OK So first thing first, puree the vegetables. Just take the vegs you want and microwave, boil, or roast until they are soft enough to be mushed up. For example, I used a sweet potato instead of carrots. Then add the rest of the ingredients, except the chicken and tortillas, and throw them into a food processor or blender. Zig until you have a nice paste with no big chunks. If you don't have a blender or food processor, just make sure the cream cheese is at room temperature then mix together with a potato masher or wooden spoon. Spread the mixture on the tortillas, roll them into a cigar shape, brush with olive oil and bake them for 5-8 minutes or until browned on the edges.
Now for my recipe! I used sweet potato instead of the carrots. Just go crazy: butternut squash, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, etc... you get the idea. I also added green chiles (you can't have Mexican food without them!) Just as a heads up, I used one small can of mild chiles and one can of hot chiles thinking that it would be a medium heat. Not so much! So just use one small can and get medium heat chiles or just mild. So the beauty thing of this recipe is that you can use any veg you want or have on hand and meat or no, it just doesn't matter. I also like them with some salsa and guacamole! What about black beans or refried beans? If you find a killer combination let me know!

Women's Race!

We just finished the women's race and wow! The women were up on Whitman by only 6 points and St. Olaf by 12. We were all hoping to have a good day to get a little further ahead before the relay.

The women skied beyond our wildest expectations! Gracey went out with the lead pack and worked with Brittany to finish in 3rd place. Kari and Gwynn worked together the whole race, picking girls oof left and right to finish right behind Gracey in 4th& 5th! Marie had amamzing day, coming from 9th in the first lap to finish hot on the heals of Kari & Gwynn in 6th!

Morgan, who's legs haven't allowed her to skate all year finished the race in 15th and Shannon had an amazing day finishing right around 17th.

The women definitely won the day with 12 points, Whitman followed with 20.

More on the men's race later.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Classic 8.5km Amazingness!

Well, we didn't think we could do any better in today's race after the amazing finishes last night but we did! For the first time in UW Nordic team history we swept the podium! Dan, Zhenya & Eliah came in 1 - 2 - 3! Not only that we had 6 men in the top 11 with John in 7th, Jacob 10 & Matt 11. Our 6th man beat most other teams 3rd man!

Needless to say the men won, with a perfect score!

The women also rocked! They were 3 points down to Whitman after the sprints and were on a mission.

They had a great day with Gracey 3rd, Kari 5th, Gwynn 6th, Morgan 10th and Marie 13th! What a great finish! The women were 1st by 8 points and now lead Whitman by 6 points in the overall!

It was an amazing, wonderful day!

We are now looking forward to a day of rest and the mass start on Friday.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Nationals Sprint! What a race!

Wow! I don't know how to start this blog. What an amazing evening. We arrived at the base of the Winter Park alpine hill and didn't see any sign of a nordic sprint course anywhere. Slowly, as we watched the course came together. Flagging, fences, snow cats, shovels, etc appeared and began to shape an amazing sprint course. With one killer uphill, one screaming downhill and some great twists and turns. The unfortunate thing was that it took a little too long to setup the course and by the time it was finished it was time for the race to start. No one had a chance to ski the course and they had to ski the first loop completely blind. That was the bad news the good news is that everyone was in the same boat! The course was amazing to watch, you could see the entire thing from one place, it was well lit and very challenging. The perfect world cup style sprint.

The women started the prelim at 6:15pm in the waning light of the sunset. Kari was the first woman out of the gate and she successfully navigated the course and looked comfortable doing it. Gwynn followed in good speed, Gracey, Marie, Shannon and Gina. They all looked good, although Shannon took a hellatious fall on the downhill that impressed the Maine coach.

The men started immediately after the women, as a matter of fact the first men had to contend with the slowest women. Everything looked good for the start until Zhenya's pole broke right out to the start. Thanks to Rachel and Adam he got a pole in about 10 seconds and then skied like a god to try to make up the time but 10 seconds in a 1.4km sprint is a huge amount of time and we weren't sure he would make the finals. The rest of the men looked great! Dan, Eliah, John, Kinner, Fitz, Jacob and Adam all skied amazing and cranked around the course.

The top 10 athletes from the prelims go on to head to head finals. We waited on pins and needles to see who had qualified for the finals. The women were announced first and 4 of our women qualified, Kari, Gwynn, Gracey and Marie! Wow! 4 of the top 10 were UW! They were divided into 2 heats for the semifinals and unfortunately 3 of our girls ended up in one heat, Gracey, Gwynn and Kari with Marie in the other heat.

We still didn't know the results of the men when the women's heats started. But Marie was in the first heat and skied amazing. She just chewed people up on the uphills but lost a little ground on the downhill. She finished 5th in her heat, not far out of qualifying for the next round.

The 2nd heat went off with the final three UW women. Kari and Gracey got a decent start but Gwynn got tripped up on the uphill and the race was just too short to get back to the group. Kari and Gracey started in 4th and 5th spots and fought their way up until they were in 2nd and 3rd. That put Kari into the A final and Gracey into the B final.

Meanwhile we were still waiting to find the finalist for the Men's final. They were finally announced and we had put 4 men into the finals! Dan, Eliah, John and Zhenya, despite his broken pole!

Woo Hoo!

We got luckier with the men that the women with them split 2 in each heat. The first heat went out with Dan and Eliah. They got a good start but were following Tom from Western State. They were starting to make ground on him and were about to pass him when Tom crashed, leaving Dan and Eliah free and clear in the front. The first 2 from each heat automatically qualify for the A final so Dan and Eliah were able to ski half of the second lap a little slower to conserve energy for the final round.

John and Zhenya were in the next semi and it was a great one. John was trying to take the lead on the killer uphill when he got tangled with an Whiman skier and got his ski caught in the fence. He didn't give up but got up and went after the rest of the field. Zhenya skied like a man possesed, trying to prove himself after the breaking of the pole earlier. He followed a Clarkson skier for about half a lap and then blew by him and destroyed the heat. Easily winning and moving onto the A final. John made an amazing comeback and almost managed to get himself into the B final.

The finals were also amazing! The women's B had Gracey and these women were fight for places 5-8 in the race. Gracey skied smart and tough and pulled herself into 6th place with some great tactics on the back stretch.

The men's B was the only final that didn't have a UW skier, this was because of the 4 people who qualified for the A final 3 of them wore a bucking horse on their legs!

The women's final featured Kari in her worst event. She got tripped twice on the first hill and came out in 4th. She fought like a tiger and took 3rd and just missed 2nd by 1 second! This was her best ever finish in a sprint at Nationals in her 4 years of college!

The men's final was the show of the night, with 3 UW men and one Whitman. The men took off fast Dan leading, Zhenya hot on his heals and Eliah hanging on. The easy lap Dan had when in the Semi's showed up now because he lead from start to finish with never a challenge. Zhenya followed Dan around but couldn't quite catch him, Dan became UW's first Nationals Champion for the week and we hope not the last. He finished in a comfortable 2nd place. Eliah spent the race fighting with the Whitman racer. Around 75% of the course he lead but the Whitman racer was waiting for his chance and with the straitaway to go he made his move. Eliah tried to fight him off but just lost at the finish, despite an amazing lung Eliah just missed the 3rd place. What an amazing finish for UW though, 1,2, 4!

There were probably 200 people lining the finish stretch and the roar was amazing!

The men finish the night well in the lead of this national championship event with only 7 points. The women were 2nd, just edged out by Whitman by 3 points. They are motivated to go after them tomorrow!

The final thought for the day is the amazing support showed by the entire team, those who raced, those who didn't and those who raced and immediately asked what they could do to help the rest of the team do well. Without Adam Zhenya wouldn't have gotten a pole in time and wouldn't have made it to the finals and wouldn't have gotten 2nd. Without Liz and Catherine on the hill we wouldn't have been able to tell our athletes to go wide on the top corner so they wouldn't slip on the ice. Without any one person out there I don't believe if the result would have been the same. This team wins because of every person, racing or not, counting or not. They are all part of the magic and we are proud of them all.

We are now waxing skis like maniacs, preparing for tomorrow morning at 9am when they race the 8.5km classic race.

More updates then!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Nationals Day 2: Part 2

I got a chance to ski the sprint course this evening and it was great fun! Right at the base of Winter Park. Start & finish along the flat, straight up, and I mean up, beside the Xephyr lift, down across the alpine run. Back up a smaller run around and back dow the strait away X 2 loops. It's a kick of a course and there should be almost 1000 people out there to watch it!

If you are in the area the premier will run at 6pm, with finals at 7ish. It should be a great show.

One change to the schedule, the men will start at 9am on Wednesday morning followed immediately by the women at around 9:30am. The change it due to the drastic warm up that happens between 10:30 &11:30.

This change is great and will make things much more fair.

We hope to see some of you out there cheering on the team, even if it's just virtually!.

Nationals Day 2

Wow! What a beautiful day! It was a high of about 45 and it was warm and clear all day. That's good news for hanging out and skiing but not awesome for waxing. Especially since it went from -12˚C when we arrived to +2˚C before we left. It makes for fun kick waxing and Rachel was at it from 8am, when we arrived to 1pm when we finally packed up for the day.

I was also testing madly, trying to find the perfect base wax for the conditions. The glide is not a crucial because even if the skis are slow they can still move but if the kick doesn't work... All bets are off.

It was a great morning and we got to see many of our friends from the East and only had a few people with too much sun. Luckily the worst two were Rachel and Joe, they won't feel good but at least they don't have to try to race tomorrow!

Tonight I'll be skiing the proposed sprint trail with Amy, VP of Cross-Country at 6pm and we'll see how that looks. It should be a grand spectacle with 1000 people out to watch the finals! Luckily it's not a classic sprint though because we won't get a chance to see the course early and that would sure make it tough for a classic race.

I'll try to update the blog once I've skied the course.

More later!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Rumford by Rachel

Rachel has written a great article about Nationals last year and Nationals half a lifetime before.

It got rave reviews from the team. If you want to read it please go to: http://www.uwyo.edu/ski/articles.html

Nationals Day 1

Well we all got there in one piece and in great spirits! It seems that the team is healthy, happy and definitely peaking! The energy level is awesome!

We had time this evening to get unpacked, meal teams organized, go to the store to buy food and make and eat dinner.

Dan, Eliah, Matt & Willie made a great pasta dinner and we had our first team meeting.

Information so far... The sprint course is unknown because the original one was unacceptable so they are having a renegotiation and will be planning a new course soon. We won't be able to ski the sprint course until right before the race on Tuesday. It sounds like the course will be 2 X .7km loop. We'll see how it goes.

It also seems that it's possible that we'll be doing a different course for the races at Devil's Thumb, which will probably actually be better for us. So that's good news!

At this point the biggest excitement we've seen was the cutting of Willie's mul-hawk. At this point it actually amazing and judging from Marie's reaction, a tad frightening. I will reserve judgment until I see the finished product.

Tomorrow we'll ski the classic course, test glide and kick and see what weather gods bring.

Friday, February 27, 2009

USCSA Nationals!

Next week, March 3-7, the UW Nordic Team will be competing in their 10th USCSA National Competition at Devil's Thumb Ranch, CO.

We're hoping this will be a historic year with a double championship. Everything has to align correctly but there is a small chance and we're all excited.

If you are in the area please consider coming down and supporting these fine athletes. There is a schedule online at: http://www.uwyo.edu/ski/National2009.html

The sprint will be Tuesday evening, on the alpine hill, under the lights. It should be an extremely exciting race. Also Saturday will be the final event of the week, the relay.

We hope to see you out there!


Cowboy Chase!

Wow! It's way beyond the time I was hoping to get this up but I guess it's better late than never...

From Cowboy Chase 2009

The Cowboy Chase weekend was one of the most successful in club history! We changed the format this year to make it a more traditional 2-day pursuit and had a 10km skate on Saturday and a 10km classic on Sunday. It was an amazing weekend of racing!

The 10km skate was a mass start and due to the fact that our amazing MBNA groomers decided it would be nice to groom the lower meadow we had the best mass start area we've ever had. Lots of space to have a fair start. We had 38 men, 21 women and 5 kids start the race. We started the women 2 minutes behind the men and the kids 2 minutes after that so the start was well manageable for everyone!

The course was a 10km loop so after the start we had awhile before anyone came back in. Rachel was out on the course with a radio and we got a couple of updates from her but it was on the edge of the radio reception so some of it was lost but we knew that Zhenya, Dan and John were skiing together and Kari, Gwynn and Britanie (Western State) were also in a pack. We expected to see the first man enter the campground between 26-28 minutes and we were not disappointed when Zhenya came flying up the hill into the campground with Dan only a few seconds back! They both flew around the campground and despite an attempt at a comeback from Dan Zhenya was able to win the race by only 10 seconds! John came in only 34 second behind Dan and Joe was only 29 seconds behing John. Talk about a tough top 4 and we were missing our star freshman, Eliah, with illness! Jacob, still struggling to come back from ACL surgery in September showed how much training he had done in the fall coming in only 50 seconds behind Joe with Freshman Matt and an ill Justin within a minute of Jacob. Grigory followed Justin within a minute and Nicholai, Willie and Adam finished in a pack, just to make things interesting on Sunday. Fitz, still sick but needing to do something, struggled in followed by Devin, back for his first race in a month, to round out a strong men's team. There were many great packs that should make Sunday interesting. On another note, UW Nordic Team Alumni Brian (Bus Mom) had a great race finishing as the 5th citizen racer! It sure was great to see him out there!

The women also wanted to make things interesting and after Kari and Gwynn changing leads for 10km Britanie showed herself to be a tad stronger at the end, just edging Gwynn by 1 second and Kari by 2! Marie had a strong race to finish in 5th follwed by Ava in 6th, Karyn in 7th, Shannon in 8th, Catherine in 9th and Gina in 10th. Talk about a leathal women's team! Our two beginners, better know as Cara & Kara, skied together for most of the race with Kara just pulling out a win. They were followed by Jenny with a solid race. There was also a UW Nordic Team alumn in the women's race. Mae came up from grad school at CSU to show the new girls how it was done. At the end of the race she was in 3rd place and on solid footing to make some gains in her favorite technique on Sunday.

Sunday dawned bright and sunny and the pursuit part of the race was on. The times were extremely close and most of the field went out within the first 13 minutes! The classic race was a 2 lap race so we all got to see what was happening in the middle of the race. The course was a solid 5km's so we were expecting to see the first guy (Zhenya) at about 15 minutes. We were surprized when he and Dan came flying by the start at just over 13 minutes! John was in hot pursuit but losing groud since Dan and Zhenya were working together and Joe was also working hard but not being able to gain on John. Other men were mixing it up, some losing ground, some gaining and the second pack of Nicholai, Willie and Adam was just holding together. Gwynn had made a move for the women and was leading Kari with Britanie starting to lose a little ground. The other women were once again gaining or losing, mostly depending on whether they are skaters or classic skiers, except Morgan who didn't race yesterday and was rapidly plowing up through the field.

The final lap turned out to be extremely exciting with Zhenya just edging Dan for the overall pursuit win but Dan just edging Zhenya for the classic race win. John hung tight for 3rd, Joe had a great classic race and stayed in 4th. There was some mix up in the rest of the men with Adam showing his summer training and managing to drop Willie and Nicholai. Brian made an amazing run to take the overall men's citizen lead!

The women also made an amazing finish. Kari managed to just pull away from Gwynn to take the overall lead and Britanie finished 3rd overall. Morgan caught tons of people and took 4th for the day in the classic race. The rest of the women skied well with little mix-up.

On the whole it was an amazing weekend of racing and sets us up nicely for USCSA Nationals which start on Tuesday, March 3. We can hardly wait!

UW Nordic Benefit Dinner & Raffle

Thought I should put a quick note about the dinner that we had on Saturday night. It was amazingly successful with over 200 people in attendance!

Thanks to everyone who attended, bought raffle tickets, made donations, etc. We will have a list of thank you's on this blog after Nationals and the list on our webpage will be updated as well.

We managed to make $3,316.00 thanks to everyone's hard work and generosity. We're still receiving donations from those of you who couldn't make it so thanks to you as well.

We couldn't do it without you!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Cowboy Chase!

Get ready for the Cowboy Chase!

We'll be having a 2-day pursuit, 10km on Skate Saturday and 10km Classic on Sunday. You are welcome to join us for the whole weekend or just one race, whichever sounds the best for you.

The most exciting activity of the weekend will be the UW Nordic Benefit dinner and raffle. We have some truly amazing raffle prizes, 2 x 3-day passes to Jackson Hole, 2 x season passes to Devil's Thumb Ranch, 2 x rodeo tickets for Cheyenne Frontier Days, 6 months of free bread from the Home Bakery and much, much more!

For more information about the event please go to: http://www.uwyo.edu/ski/cowboychase.htm

We'll see you there!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Skiers of the Week!

As you already know, from reading the account of the weekend below, we had the best performance at an NCAA race since 1993! These amazing results were lead by the following two athletes!

Zhenya joined us from Russia at the beginning of the semester and at that time we all thought he was old and out of eligibility. As the semester progressed we became aware of the fact that he's only 22 years old and in his first year of graduate school! This realization set off a flurry of activity as we petitioned the USCSA for a year of eligibility. Let's just say it was a good weekend for Zhenya, he was granted eligibility for this season and the possibility of another one next year as well as having his best finish this year!

He thought the classic race would be his best one but after the wax wore off his skis 5km into a 10km race he fought to finish in 25th, 2:53 out. He was disappointed with this finish and the time back but put it behind him and looked forward to the next day.

After a great start Zhenya flew around the course, dropping athletes that he was skiing with at the end! He finished in a team and personal best place of 17th, only 1:26 out of the lead! It was an amazing effort and we are all waiting to see what he can do at Nationals. Zhenya has provided the men's team with an excellent role model and leader!

Another new-comer lead the women this weekend as well, although eligibility was never in questions with her since she is a true freshman. Gracey started the weekend with a personal best place of 28, 18% out of the win. Up to that point this was one of the better finishes by a UW woman in the last 15 years but little did we know she saved the best for last!

Despite some stressful, last minute waxing that left the women with little time to get to the start Gracey handled the stress well and by the middle of the first lap was in a position to tie the best ever finish for a UW woman in the last 15 years but she wasn't content with that so she just kept picking off peole in front of her to finish in 19th place, only 13% out!

Not only is Gracey a rocket on the ski trails but she is a leader off the course as well. Always finding ways to help the coaches and her teammates with a smile on her face. We look forward to watching her become the best skier and person she can be during her college career.

Congratulations to these fine student athletes!


Article from UW News Service

UW Nordic Ski Club Competes against Division I Teams - February 10, 2009 (UW News Service)

Monday, February 09, 2009

DU Invite!

We just returned from our final NCAA Division I race of the season and it was amazing!

The weekend started out a little rough when the temperature dropped more than 15 degrees, necessitating re-glide waxing 17 pairs of skis on Friday morning. This was in addition to kick waxing the skis as well. Rachel worked on the kick while Ashley and I blasted through the glide as quickly as possible. The race was a 5km (women) or 1okm (men) classic inverval start race.

he women started at 9am and the temperature hadn't warmed up 2 degrees in the last 3 hours we had been at the venue and watching the thermometer. This made the kick for the women really easy and we ended up going with an extremely old Swix Special Blue that had bomber kick and was rocking fast. You can't even buy that kick anymore so hopefully we don't face this scenario often! The glide was also pretty easy, Fast Wax Tan. We love it when the temperature is in the Fast Wax Tan range because despite tons of testing we've not found anything better between 12-18F. We know most of the teams won't have Fast Wax so we know our skis will be good on those days!

Anyway, the women went out and had a great day, with Gracey busting into the top 30 in 28th and Kari (33) and Gwynn (36) solidly in the top 40. Morgan had a slightly off day but still managed 41. Marie didn't have a great day but thanks to new skis from the Snow Mountain Nordic Center we'll be looking for some better finishes next time! The women beat Whitman by 5 points and Gracey was within 7 seconds of Whitman's top girl, the closest any Cowgirl has been all year!

The men arrived to the frantic activity of re-waxing. While there were only 5 women to rewax there were 9 men and that takes some time. The coaches were unable to get out to cheer the women because the men had too many skis! We managed to get through the glide waxing, once again Fast Wax Tan, and on to the kick. The course was crazy because the snow varied from windblown, dry, cold snow in the valley to warm, wet, corn snow up on the top of the course. It was a kick waxing nightmare. Luckily for the men Rachel was up to the task. Not only was the course variable but it started warming up fast, 10 degrees between 10-11am!

The combination was crazy with the first starters on 3 layers of Rode Multigrade blue, 2 of Star Top Blue and 1 of Start Black Magic. The men did not start all at once so the men who started further back needed different wax and gradually it went from 3 layers of Rode Multigrade Blue and Rode Weiss mixed, 2 of Start Top Blue and 1 of Start Black Magic to 3 layers of Rode Multigrade Purple, 2 of Start Top Violet and 1 of Start Black Magic. It was a crazy time but we got everone waxed and started on the course for another great race.

The men were lead by Evgeniy in 25 who had a great day despite the fact that his skis were soft and the wax wore off before the hills on the second lap. He was followed by Eliah (31), Daniel (33), John (38) and Matt (40) in the top 40. Jacob had another impressive finish, after being out all fall recovering from ACL surgery, in 43 and was followed by Grigory (47), Justin (49) and Willie (50).

The men beat Whitman by 14 points and were huting bigger game being only 16 points behind University of Denver and 18 behind University of New Mexico. All the teams at this race are fully funded, varsity teams and our athletes love getting in there and being the underdog.

Saturday's waxing went a little better, with our knowledge of the local weather paterns at Devil's Thumb. Although the forcast was for warmer temperatures we went with Fast Wax Tan again for glide and it paid off. Although we arrived early, in case we had to rewax or put on fluoro's, we tested wax after wax as well as fluoro's and structure only to find that what we had on was the best we could do. Yay! No rewax for the 10 men in the race!

Saturday's races were exciting mass start skate races, the men doing 15km and the women 10km. With the men ready to go and only 5 women to glide wax we had a chance to see a little of men's race and it was so exciting! Zhenya got a great start and was with the lead pack at the start and by the end of the first 5km lap he was sitting in 21st! A great race! Eliah was having a bit of a tough race but the beauty of having such a strong men's team is that John chose this day to have his best race of the season. Dan & Joe were also skiing well followed closely by Justin, Jacob, Matt, Grigory and Willie. For the second lap we weren't able to see much of what was going on but when the men started finishing it was amazing! Zhenya had pulled up and finished in 17th! John had held on for a solid 31st, Eliah and Dan in 35 & 36, Joe in 38, Justin, Jacob and Matt 39, 40 and 41. Grigory and Willie rounded out the Cowboy attack in 44 and 45. Zhenya's 17th was the best UW men's finish since the NCAA team was cut in 1993 and he was only 1:25 back from the leader (3%)! He lead the men's team to the best team day since 1993 as well!

The amazing and exciting day only got better when the women took to the course. We had been testing glide consistently since 6:30am and Fast Wax Tan with HWK HFW 2 mixed on the back 1/2 of the ski and no fluoros was rocking but 25 minutes before the women's start the fluoros started running and panic was on! We got all the skis waxed with just 4 minutes to go but it was well worth the effort as the women matched the men's effort! Gracey's skis were so fast that she was passing other racers in a tuck as they were skating! Since there were no more skis to wax for the day the coaches were able to get out on the course and it was wonderful!

The first lap Gracey cruised by us smiling and looking strong in 22nd place, the best place by a woman to date! She was followed by Kari in 28th and Gwynn 28 who had Marie hot on her heals! All four women who started were in the top 32! We'd never had that before! The second lap went even better with Gracey moving up to take the first ever top 20 place since 1993 with 19th. Kari also moved up 26, Marie into 28th and Gwynn 29! Four women in the top 30 and 1 in the top 30!

It was an amazing race and an amazing weekend! Everyone is now pumped for the Cowboy Chase, February 21 & 22, and USCSA Nationals, March 3-7. USCSA Nationals will be on those same trails and the athletes have a huge advantage having raced them this weekend.

We hope this is the first of many such races!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Article from UW News Service

Here's a great article and picture, courtesy of Barbara Cartwright, put out by the UW News Service.

UW Nordic Ski Teams Win Twice - February 3, 2009 (UW News Service)

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Can you smell what UW is cookin'?!

As Christi stated in the previous post, the last weekend consisted of USCSA qualifiers in Leadville and Frisco,Co. I can only think of a few terms to describe the weekend; stellar, complete domination, and as my high school coach used to say, " Take them out back to the wood shed". This weekend not only showed how strong and competitive we are in the Rocky Mountain conference but in the greater Wyoming/Colorado skiing community. The winners of the collegiate races happened to also be the winners of the races overall.The team also took a major portion of the top 10 spots...Utter domination! Not only did our athletes dominate but man did our coaches lay down the hammer! Christi and Rachel both rocketed to the top of their respective race, and delivered great race skis for the whole team, including my 2 pairs as Christi had mentioned ( I feel bad about it, but you guys made me feel like a world cup racer having pairs of skis race waxed to test out. Thanks so much!). We also had athletes who love putting their bodies into the garbage can so much that they opted for the 20km instead of the 10 km. Oh and guess what, they continued the weekend domination! Ava and Zhenya showed me what domination really was, pushing through a long race with still the determination to sprint to the line. Major props to you guys!
I am honored to be all of yours' team mate,