Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tenderfoot Triathlon!

This first weekend of school we have started a new tradition of going to Salida, Colorado for the Tenderfoot Triathlon.

This year we only had one tough guy who was willing to head to the race with us, John Kirlin. So John, Becca, Rachel and Christi headed up there on Friday with an early race start on Saturday morning.

Saturday turned out to be an amazing day, beautiful but not too hot.

They did the start of the swim differently that before and it was great because we were able to choose our own group of four for the swim so we all went in one lane, it was way better even though I, Christi, was the slowest swimmer and had a few laps after everyone was done.

The race was an olympic length triathlon with a 1km swim, 40km bike and a 10km run. It was a excellent fun time! Everyone finished in a reasonable time, Rachel, Becca and I didn't have our times by the time we left but John did and he won the 20-29 age division and was 6th overall! He did fine on the swim, did a great job on the bike and had a real solid run time. Quite impressive for his second triathlon!

I've uploaded pictures, graciously taken by my mother, to the ski team picture gallery. Check them out!