Friday, November 30, 2007

World Cup Videos!

In order to have a fun alternative team-bonding experience, since we can't drive to Rabbit Ears, we will be watching the World Cup Videos from last weekend in Beitostoelen, Norway. We have both the men's and women's full freestyle races as well as the full relays.

Thanks to and the numerous tools I have we will be watching them life-size in our basement at 7pm on Saturday, looks like the couch idea was the best one!

Should be fantastic fun and with any luck we'll be skiing ourselves on Sunday morning.

No Time-trial Saturday

We have decided it is not worth driving through a winter storm warning to do a time trial, especially considering that we will be in a bunch of random vehicles that may or may not be good in snow! It seems that even if we can get out of Laramie Snowy Range will get up to 14inches and we would have to drive right through there to get to Rabbit Ears, a 2 hour drive will easily turn into a 6 hour nightmare.We will see what happens on Saturday and either ski at Happy Jack or head to Rabbit Ears on Sunday. We're seriously hoping for Happy Jack!

I'm sorry to anyone that was planning to come and race with us but I only had 2 non-Laramie based skiers who had signed up so I am assuming most people were not planning on joining us. For the 40+ Laramie racers that were going to race we may be able to have a 5@5 this week!

This weather is trying my patience!

To Time Trial or not to Time Trial...

I was looking at the weather for tonight and tomorrow and it looks like it is going to snow, snow, snow. Wonderful news but causes a few issues for the time trial this weekend.

Several questions...Is it worth driving 2 hours in a snow storm to do a time trial? Will they groom on Saturday morning? Will we be racing in a foot of fresh snow? Is that useful? It's supposed to snow in Laramie so should we just stay and hope for snow and grooming? AHHHHH!

One thought is to postpone the time trial until Sunday morning, since the storm should be mostly through by Saturday evening. That way we can choose the place based upon the road conditions and whether we can ski here.

One thought is to hide on my couch in the basement and watch other people ski on world cup videos. This lack of snow is extremely frustrating as an athlete and an extreme source of stress as a coach!

Everyone do your snow dance!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Time Trial Saturday!

UW Nordic will be hosting a time-trial on Saturday morning at 9am on Bruce's loop, Rabbit Ears Pass.

We've invited the people on the Rocky Mountain Nordic list-serve to join us and we'll see who wants to race. If you are reading this and want to race please email So far we have the Laramie High School team and our old friend Shana from Boulder.

The weather looks to be snowing with a probable snow temperature of about 20°F. We will be waxing with Fast Wax HS-20 Blue. It's a good all around wax and we don't want to break out the fluoro's for a time-trial!

It will be awesome fun to get a "race" in, we're looking forward to it.

We'll see you out there!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

First Race Postponed!

What a bummer! Our first race of the season was supposed to happen this weekend and it was just postponed due to lack of snow!

The good news is that Bruce's Trail on Rabbit Ears Pass has a foot of fresh snow and they have 5km groomed for classic and skate. We'll be going there this weekend and doing a time trial to get revved for next weekend!

So... One more day of rollerski intervals and hopefully the snow will start to get better. The high school team is skiing at Happy Jack but since it's walking around on skis and hitting rocks we don't feel that we can lose the interval day during an intensity week. Not to mention the equipment damage it causes!

Everyone get out there and do your snow dance cause you know you don't want to rollerski anymore!

Brown Rice vs. White Rice

I thought everyone would enjoy hearing the answer to Kelly's question about white vs. brown rice.

Although white and brown rice are similar in terms of calories, carbs, fat and protein, they are different because of processing. When white rice is processed, not only is the outer most layer removed but so too is the bran layer. Along with this layer goes a lot of the nutrients (vitamins (such as thiamine) and minerals). Brown rice retains this layer and thus retains the nutrients. Now, when it comes to the iron content in your rice, my guess is that your white rice is fortified. This is true of a lot of processed food:)

Here are some supporting articles from the World Health Organization

I should note however that some studies have been done that refute the idea that brown rice is better for you:
Note, the wikipedia entry also puts this in pretty simple and is worth reading:

Hope this helps!


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Best of Blowball

Stupid ball tricks

International Links

OK, so I am a nerd and found my little international project interesting and thought I would share. My project was to interview people in a group (the ski team) about any personal international connections they may have. I talked to John, Adam, Karyn, Joe, Christi, Nicholai, Patrick and myself. We established 27 connections (connections not people, if one American knew several international people all linked in one spot, I counted that as 1 connection. For example, all the people I know in Peru were counted as 1 link) in 19 countries: Canada, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, England, France, Russia, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Kenya, China, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia.

Norway had the most connections (4) followed by Germany (3). The vast majority of the connections were formed by the foreigner coming to the United States, not by us going abroad. Most of the links were formed through education (exchange student etc.) with skiing being the second most common form of connection. The number of links an individual American had seemed to be correlated to personality, opportunity or circumstance and not by age, gender or geographical origins. I thought that for only 8 people on the team that was quite a few connections! Thanks for all your help, and hopefully I will get an A.

check out johnny's sick moves

The Pros2


Thanksgiving Camp!

Thanksgiving Camp in Leadville, CO!

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